This Roti Canai Seller Has Gone Viral Thanks To Her Sweet Smile

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KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 7 — Remember last year when having hot guys as food vendors seemed to be the new marketing strategy?

There’s that hunky Malaysian durian seller Jordan Yeoh, who is a fitness coach and also a model, there’s also Yi Tin Chen from Taiwan who is the world’s hottest bean curd seller, and let’s not forget that other Taiwanese pretty boy You Shenglun, a sexy, topless baker.

Of course, these are just some of the notable ones, but there are actually more, and recently, another one has joined the list, and she is a girl too!

Meet 17-year-old Fatin Farhana Mohd Suad from Malaysia, who is probably the most adorable and beautiful roti canai seller.

Since roti canai is a type of Indian-influenced flatbread, it is mostly associated with mamak at a mamak stall, but Fatin has taken the internet by storm with her cute looks, sweet smile, and also delicious roti canai!

Fatin helps out her mother at a stall called Roti Canai Kak Ros at Bidor, Perak.


She has already gained more than 35k followers on Instagram after the video of her kneading roti canai, shared by Kini Trending, has gone viral on social media, garnering 313,000 views, 1,100 reactions, and 1,300 shares.
— TheHive


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